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i know someone in the uk that is developing a is430,for conversion from a is200...............

im awaiting prices...................

also thinking of putting the 3s-gte into the car instead,i mean theres possibly £15,000 difference in price,will let you soon there may be a supercharger for sale

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which one!!!!!!!!!!

the is430 (uk developed one) is at about 350bhp,naturally aspirated

3s-gte is 245 as standered but 400bhp is attainable relatively cheaply,Top Secret in japan have had 700bhp out of the 3s-gte,and it still be road friendly

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Matty boy!

Just import a 200z. Save the hasstle of fitting an engine which is nothing spectacular as the factory has done it already.

If you don't agree.............I am ****** as fart when typing this so will probally not remember in the morning. Working in Africa is great...........................except for the Malaria!

I love beer!!!!!!

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and sweating profusely,take your tablets man.........

i think 245 standered is a little bit more than "not spectacular"

i cannot sell this car for a year"TAX REASONS" SO All the hassel of getting an import is not even considered...........and the fact its a factory fit aswell means that the conversion will be p*** easy

the parts for tuning are available by the bucket load,and 400bhp is attainable,


unless some one can convince me that the 6cyl 200 block can be safely tuned.....its outa there

the compressor will be sold on at a good price

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Sober now!

Did remember typing last night, so checked in today to see what I wrote. I have not got Malaria, and yes Mat I am taking the tablets to avoid getting it.

The "not spectacular" comment was about the conversion itself, not the engine. The engine would be a great choice.

Question? Whats the block in the Celica GT-four.

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