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Power steering issues

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i am new to the world of Lexus and have recently acquired a 2001 IS200 Sport.

Generally  the car is in excellent condition mechanically and cosmetically.

I do however have one issue with the power steering. The steering has started to get very stiff intermittently especially when starting from cold. Basically feels like the power steering is failing.

Upon buying the car I noticed that the power steering fluid was not in a good state so I replaced the very runny black fluid with dexron ATF type 2.

I have checked the belt and even though it looks due for a change also it is still adequately tight. I have not heard one squeal or screech to indicate that the belt is slipping so I can only come to the conclusion that the pump is shot!

Has anyone else experienced this who could kindly shed some light,

Thanks in advance





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Hi jon

I believe the issue is belt related. Power steering pump failure on is200 is uncommon. Change the belt asap

hope this helps

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