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UK headlights to Europe conversion

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Hey everyone!

I know that the UK and Europe headlights are different and the UK ones wouldn't pass MOT in Europe.

I've been looking to buy used original headlights for my IS200 to replace the awful tuning headlights the previous owner had installed. The problem is that there are none available for sale in my country or anywhere in Europe for the left hand drive model. So I have been looking into getting some used ones delivered from the UK since buying new ones from a Lexus dealership would probably cost me like a 1000 €.

Here's the question. I really only need the housings, I have the reflective parts on hand (the round reflective parts where bulbs go into) from a left hand drive car headlights so I was wondering if there are any other differences between the two market headlights or is a conversion like that borderline impossible?

Quite of an uncommon question but maybe someone knows. Thanks!

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