I recently acquired a 2014 Lexus IS300H Executive. It replaced an almost 14-year old Honda accord so as you can expect, I'm very impressed! Picture attached (Now on Irish plates) My wife drives a similar vintage Toyota Prius Plus (7 seater) and I found it interesting to compare the hybrid systems on the 2. The Lexus engine is definitely smoother and more powerful but does lose out on economy - 45 Vs 39 MPG - probably a factor of its extra weight and capacity. Some other rambling thoughts: Auto Engine starting when stationary in traffic much more noticeable than Prius Plus – bigger engine? Like the audible-warning once-off override for the parking sensors - e.g. front: too close to traffic Prius Plus has "3 trip computers" for fuel consumption. IS300H has only 1, albeit switchable I'm also missing the reversing camera on the Prius - again only available on IS300Hs with premium Satnav. Light sensitivity setting - not enough adjustment. Lights are on in morning at min sensitivity impacting on ability to run on Battery power Like the white Diamond on mpg bar scale – mine shows mpg since reset Warning message if you don't wait for bootup before putting the lever in Drive and the need to put the gear lever in park - or the car stays in accessory mode – when switching off are annoying Various beeps - e.g. If door opened when reversing - are annoying. Double-press on menu brings up Sat Nav - nice Engine very smooth - straight six-esq. I can think of no reason why ASC should be enabled. I gave it a go for a few weeks thinking it was making the engine sound smooth but I was wrong - it is actually very smooth - most particularly considering it is a large capacity 4 cylinder. The soundtrack when using the gear paddles is especially artificial. I've got rid of the economy gauge and permanently replaced it with a rev clock. I know this happens by default when you go into sports mode, but I find that too responsive. I find it interesting to experience all the algorithms working away and changing how the car is operating. Examples of this include how switching from Eco to Sport mode can cause the engine to fire up (and visa versa). Also how extra electrical loads or temperature requirements can cause the engine to fire; turning them down/off causes it to shutdown - does anyone else feel guilty when turning heating down to get increase efficiency? The reported fuel consumption figures are optimistic. When I check my consumption the old fashioned way, I find they are less by as much as 5 MPG. So far , over 2000 miles I have seen 42, 39, 34 and 42 MPG - about 50% better than my Honda. The Lexus is LOW! I am not looking forward to the first time I crunch the lovely looking front spoiler on a kerb. Because I'm old school, I'm very uncomfortable with the fact it has no spare wheel. I will probably purchase one in Ebay (I hear IS220D ones work well) and I have already figured out where to keep it: strapped up semi-vertically and parallel to the back seat at the back of the boot. Based on information in a thread here, I purchased a diagnostic plug and downloaded the Toyota/Lexus software. I haven't tried it yet ... I find that the operation of the central screen is occasionally buggy. From little things like the hybrid screen showing the engine as off when I can see the rev clock showing it running to the very large delays in operation I see sometimes. From what I have read here, this should be upgradable but I don't know the details - see question below. Despite it's considerable advantages over the Honda, it doesn't beat it everywhere. My Honda had electric seats and a sunroof for example, something never available on the IS300H executive model (I think you had to buy a premium for these). It was also seriously reliable - these 2.0 litre Honda VTEC engines will go on for ever; let's hope the Lexus is as good! Because it was FWD, it also had considerably more interior space than the IS300H. And where's the spare wheel? Despite sporting 7 seats, our Prius Plus has room for a space saver and storage space at the back. This is because of its use of newer Battery technology - Lithium batteries stored in the central armrest. And on to a question, if I may. My Executive has Sat Nav, but not the Premium version. I went on to the Lexus site - https://www.lexus-mapupdates.eu/ - and learned the following: I have "Lexus Navigation 13CY" My Map version is "02-34-02 (2013-10-2)" My software version is "VC18100A" Latest versions of the above are "02-37-51" and "VC18101B" respectively It says that an update for my car is a dealer-only update; does anyone know if my "standard" Satnav can be updated by the end user with a USB key? I have made contact with a guy on Ebay who claims he can provide me with the necessary to update both my "Map version" and "Software version" to"02-37-51" and "VC18101B" respectively but I'd like to know if this is actually possible if you are not a dealer, before I get back to him. Loving this forum and have got lots of useful information here already - thanks for listening!