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Picked up a pair of door shadow lights the other night. A mate who has a GT86 was sent a set of Lexus logo shadow lights by accident so I took them off his hands. I was a bit sceptical about how good they would be and was pleasantly surprised tonight. Nice touch for a sophisticated car.  Not much detail on the model no. or source but if anyone wants to know ill try and find out. The box states 3D Laser Shadow Light.


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I received a pair as a gift when I had an IS300h and then transferred them to my RC.  TBH I originally thought them a bit excessive since the IS 

had illuminated door sills but, although they would have been easy enough to remove, I never got around to it.  I have grown quite fond of them 

in the RC, which does not have the illuminated sills, because they invite you to look down when getting out of the car and therefore act as an

extra aid to not stepping into puddles and holes (and maybe other things) in badly-lit places.

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