Gen4 rx450h connecting iPhone using SIRI voice commands?

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So we connect our Iphone up to the car on WIFI using the personal Hotspot method on our Iphone and we enjoy google search and info features on lexus menu.

now I've read but haven't been able to do this myself yet, that by holding down the "off hook button" on your steering wheel for a couple of seconds you can talk to SIRI Via your Iphone i.e. Reply to last text message and dictate a message and send etc.

all I get is my call history.

our text messages come through the car to read but I would like the option to send a reply whilst not taking my hands of the wheel, thus use Siri to do it for me.

that goes for anything else Siri can do for you whilst driving and not being distracted.

any help would be greatly appreciated,  


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I don't think it's a UK feature.

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I was so looking forward to using that feature, shame :-(

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