Premium Nav gen2 and ios11.2

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Anyone else having issues with controlling an Iphone to play music through the car since the upgrade to ios 11?

I have an Iphone 7 and since the upgrade to ios11 the car has real trouble browsing and bringing back the artist info text, album text, song text and artwork.  Browsing between albums/tracks, skipping tracks etc are all problematic.

Lexus Bluetooth compatibility seems to say that it is compatible with ios 11.1.2 - at least on an Iphone X - the 8 is still on 11.0.1 and the 7 on 10.3.1 - but since they are all the same.......

I've tried deleting all the music and resyncing with itunes but still same issue. Phone is on latest 11.2.1 firmware.  Calling features are fine, just music has issues.

Car has gen2 Premium nav (10.3" screen) , I will be asking about a firmware update at dealer in new year - anyone else had one yet?? 

American forums also saying there are problems, but since they are on the enform system, its not much use.  Any other issues anyone else has noticed?


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Another reason not to upgrade to IOS 11. apple have really lost the plot recently.

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Just connected my Iphone 10 & no issues whatsoever.

Interestingly I always remove my previous phone before I add my new one & the full connectivity of contacts & Music Albums took seconds which amazed me.


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I have been running iOS 11.2.1 on an Iphone 8 Plus (256GB) for a few weeks now.  Usually I connect to the car audio via BT, preferring to do so

more and more because of the impressive BT 5.0 upgrade though I still tend to connect via a USB port for longer drives.  Before acquiring the

Iphone 8 I routinely used an iPod Touch 6th Gen 128GB (containing about 115GB of Music and Podcasts, frankly excessive but nice to have),

also recently updated to iOS 11.2.1, which I kept almost permanently connected via USB.

I must admit that I have never hesitated to instal updates across all my apple devices immediately on their appearance, slavishly interpreting

notifications of their availability as prompts to do so.  I have noticed no differences in the functionality of Lexus audio with iOS 11 in respect

of earlier firmware in the case of the iPod or, not unexpectedly, between its use and that of the Iphone, which, of course, has always run only

iOS 11.  iPhone connectivity has been entirely satisfactory, and only once, immediately after the first update of the iPod to iOS 11 did I have

a set of problems apparently similar to Steve's:    frozen browsing menus, loss of titles and names or their showing as "UNKNOWN", etc. as

well as incorrect playlists sequences.   These appeared to resolve themselves after I re-started playing from the plugged-in iPod itself before

I drove off, controllability of the system from the touchpad becoming restored after a few minutes' driving.  I can't say whether this would have

represented a permanent fix since I nevertheless decided to do a complete reset of the iPod later that day, after which I have had no further 





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My Iphone SE running IOS11.1.2 seems to work OK. However, I have not updated to IOS11.2.1 yet. 

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