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I need help on changing my alloys.

Quite new to the car game I recently bought an is220d and the alloys are terrible so I’m looking at changing. 

The picture attached is a set for sale I’m interested in, will these fit my Lexus is220d


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They will fit as long as the centre bore is large enough. 60.1mm is the size on a Lexus.

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These wheels are narrower than standard so could make an impact on the way the car drives. I would recomend staying above 8j wide to maintain stability

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    • By dubbsr
      Hi Guys, i am new to this site. 
      I have a Lexus Is200 with the sports kit and 18" alloy.
      I noticed last year that one of my alloys has a slight bend, so will like to get it replaced or repaired. I have been using it as a spare so it hasn't been a big deal. 
      I am just wondering if this is repairable or if you know any where that can replace it with a refurb for a reasonable price?
      Also can it get worse if its only used to drive to the garage 1 mile away?
      I am looking to spend no more than £60, since as i mentioned i can just use it as spare when i'm desperate.
      I live in west London.
      Thanks in advance

    • By BamBam1
      Hi Everyone,
      Looking for a bit of advice. I'm getting my wheels refurbished and painted on Monday, and wondering what colour I should get them to do my wheels.
      The car is in Cadoxtan slate, and the wheels are the standard 17 inch one's, the same as in the link below.
      FYI, not my car sale ad, just a link to a pic o a is220d with the same colour and wheels.
    • By paulw
      My 5 year old is220d has bad corrosion on all 4 wheels, worse at the front, this has come on gradually in the last 12 months despite regular cleaning.
      I've now found myself looking at the wheels on other is and have noticed quite a few with the same problem.
      How many people have suffered with this? is it a known problem and what's the best way of repairing at lowest cost?
      the car has only done 45K I'm the second owner so don't know all the cars history but the alloys were OK when I purchased 2 years ago, I'm beginning to wonder if the dealer didn't have these repaired before sale and now a bad jobs showing up.
      I've just seen in The Times that Toyota lost their case against inaccurate reporting when The Times said dealers covered up and did not report known faults, one of which was alloy wheel corrosion
      Any comments or advice would be welcomed