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Good evening All, I am hopping I am able to draw on someone else's experience, I have an IS 220 Diesel in which the engine management lights have come on and the car goes into limp mode. I took the car to my local Lexus dealership and eventually was advised it needed a new EGR of which the same dealership cleaned the EGR valve last August the garage that the car is in now advise that the problem could be with the DPF . the car is a 57 plate with 92,000 on the clock. has anyone else experienced anything like this as I am still no closer having the car correctly diagnosed.

any help, advice or previous experience would be really appreciated 

many regards 

E Wright 





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Hi Eamon,

First thing you need to do is find out what the error code the car is throwing up is.

There are plenty of OBD2 readers on Ebay that would do the job.

Once you know that, it should be simpler to figure out what is going on.

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Hi eamon and welcome to Lexus ownership. I have an 07 is220d also and have the same problem you have. My is will occasionally throw up the eml vsc off check vsc lights on dash but mine never goes into limp mode. Can accelerate over 30 and revs go over 2k. But after three restarts the lights go off for a few weeks then reappear. I do mainly 40mph plus driving and motorway use.

every so often I get a huge puff of white smoke but goes away after a minute or two driving. The smoke smells like burning so maybe the dpf doing its job. I recommend you get a terraclean service done google it for your area probably be bout £300 with egr clean too. Did wonders for mine and treat it as a annual service cost if you're planning on keeping your is for a few years. 

This sounds silly but check your fuel cap is actually locking. On is you only get the one click to lock. Open and close your cap watch it for a minute or two and if it doesn't click back your ok. Mine locked and a minute later would click meaning it unlocked if that makes sense. Solved it with a temp cap from Halfords will get the proper one replaced later date.

search the forum for previous is220d posts you will learn lots about what to look for. 

This is my first Lexus, despite issues it won't be my last. Looking at an is250 auto or gs250 for next one in a year or two. Just enjoy yours bloody lovely car to drive and be in. Great being exclusive too as don't see many Lexus cars in these parts nice not being robot German car owner



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