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I have a recently purchased IS200 Sportcross and the rear tyres need replacing soon. Can anyone make recommendations for the best replacements please?

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"Best" is a bit of a can of worms. Depends on what you're after.

I've got 17" Dunlop SP Sport Maxx TT on my IS300. They're just fine. IIRC they were about £95 each.

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Ive used Bridgestone Potenza S001 and RE040 and RE050, Nokian Line ZR and Nexen nfera SU1.

I thought Bridgestone were great until I bought Nokian.
The Nokian have been brilliant in the wet, which counts for a lot here in England!
The Nexen are probably just as good, but I can't give a good comparison as they are on bigger, wider and heavier wheels. But the grip they give is also superb!

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Hi John

I recently picked up a pair of goodyear eagle f1 asymmetric 3 from kwik fit. It seems you can get for them for cheaper online at but I don't know how much they charge for fitting etc. I paid £226.58, and got a 'discount' of £51.40.



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    • By Normski
      After a TOTAL mare of a journey last night travelling from the Manchester back to Leicester (M6 > Stoke > A50 > M1) I *really* need to get my tyres changed. Took it steady unlike the MANY fools that drove past me and then seconds later ended up the embankment or in the central railings. Thankfully made it back in one piece...
      I've ran winter tyres on the cars for years but out of laziness on my part didn't get round to sorting them on the GS (OK partly because I keep on thinking of selling it!)...Don't fancy going down the route of swapping them over each season so thought I would look into All Seasons. Thinking the Vredsteins. Anyone have experience of these or any other All Seasons?? Worth it??
      Or should I really sort out my advert for selling the car 
    • By harrylime
      I'm still deciding what tyres to put on my LS 400 17" dhp wheels, I need all five as I'm changing to a different size, due to expense and the age (2007) of my existing tyres. As usual I'm doing my research re noise , handling etc ( I probably overdo the research at times )
      It occurred to me that I do low mileage (currently on 69000), so the next replacements may be needed due to age rather than mileage. I contacted Blackcircles and asked whether I could specify tyres with a very recent date (DOT number), to ensure that I get the maximum lifespan. Their response explained that they could not guarantee recent tyres, as they obtained tyres from many suppliers. They also explained that tyres sold as new can be up to five years old, by law. It seems to be the luck of the draw, but your new tyres may have been manufactured a month ago, or 59 months ago. Obviously, much depends on handling and storage (exposure to sunlight etc), but I imagine the process of perishing starts immediately. I'd bet this is not common knowledge. it probably is not an issue for people who do greater mileages, but for me, it could be.
    • By PCM
      It's snowy out there - about 6-8 inches in places.
      Even in my ( wife's ) RX with winter tyres, it was somewhat stressful.
      But we got 'there' and we got back again.

    • By Ten Ninety
      I am posting this for the information of other GS300h owners who are considering changing their tyres. Please learn from my own stupidity. Do not purchase Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 in size 235/45! 
      When looking at reviews, I found near-universal praise for these tyres (in other sizes) for being quiet, comfortable and low rolling resistance. Despite the fact that I know full well that tyre reviews are second only to food reviews for being utterly pointless subjective tripe, I allowed myself to be persuaded away from spending the extra on Michelin CrossClimates which have been recommended by owners on here. That was foolish, and it is going to prove to be an expensive mistake.
      These tyres are not quiet. They produce noticeably more cabin noise than the OEM Bridgestone ER33s, which I did not consider to be a quiet tyre in the first place. They are perhaps more 'comfortable' in that they make the car feel as if it's driving through treacle. However, the biggest problem is that the rolling resistance is absolutely, utterly, appallingly terrible. Unbelievably, it has actually made a noticeable impact on performance - significantly more throttle is now required in any given situation, and the distance I can get in milkfloat mode has been considerably reduced. As a result, fuel economy is now catastrophically bad. I'm not talking a slight reduction - I'm talking a minimum 10% worse and on some journeys up to 20%. Where I would have been touching an indicated 50mpg on these cold days, I am now struggling into the low 40s and occasionally dipping down into the 30s. If I needed more proof that those ridiculous EU economy ratings are anything other than fabricated bulls--t then this is it - these tyres have the same rating as the ER33s they replaced, and the associated mumbo jumbo claims a maximum difference of 7.5% between A and G!
      I hoped they might just need scrubbing in, but there's been no improvement after a few hundred miles. I have tried whacking the pressures up to 2.7bar, but this has had little impact on economy. It just makes the ride unsettled. And yes, I've checked they were fitted the right way around!
      Clearly, these tyres can't be universally awful. I've actually got the Asymmetric 3s (the updated version) on my wife's Auris HSD and they're absolutely fine. However, on a GS300h they are an unmitigated disaster if you have even a passing interest in fuel economy. I hope this information may save others from making the same mistake as I have made.
    • By PCM
      Has anyone here recently fitted all-season tyres to their RX?
      My wife's RX350 needs new tyres, and all season might be the way to go?