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Power Steering Pump

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Help again,

Loving this IS200, it is such a pleasure to drive and even though she's 19 years old everything still works, 'cept the driving lights and that's just bulbs!

2 months and 1,200mls into having her and the power steering is jerky as it loses power on occasion (low revs/from cold) and the squealing belt under the bonnet says something is amiss. Maybe the pumps on the way out and if so I'll be here looking for a master class in replacing it (after all the Mercs I've had and their 4 User Serviceable Parts I can get at the Lexus!) but before that I just want to make sure the fluid is okay as that can cause low pressure. The handbook is seriously shy on Tech details and before I started messing around thought I'd ask who out there could give me a heads up?


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    • By Matt96
      I have owned my is250 2011 for 1 year now. Full main dealer history. 58000 miles. Main service has been done. Over the last few months when braking and steering at a low speed there are a couple of clunks that sound like they are coming from the front drivers side wheel. I look it to lexus Hatfield and under warranty they replaced the shock absorber and top mount. The car seemed to be ok for a while but not long ago the clunk noise has appeared again. It also only happens when the engine has warmed up. Some people have suggested the pads are moving but the pads and discs are reasonably new so shouldn't be moving yet. Any ideas 
    • By Simonkent
      I have a noise which is difficult to identify , believe it might be to do with power steering as seems more prevalent when turning but can only hear when roof is down and then difficult to separate from road noise.
      There is a posting on you tube with very similar sound but no suggestion as to how it was cured , old post and for USA 
      Anyone any idea , Lexus dealer could not hear it but only tested with roof up 
    • By Amberflame
      Hoping for some advice with an ongoing issue with my GS300 06'. My steering is very loose with pulling (mainly left). The ride is very bumpy and encountering potholes or bumps is a rollercoaster experience!. To give you some background, I took my car to Lexus dealership last October and they completed a 4 wheel alignment which solved the issues for a few weeks but now all the issues have returned with the steering feeling even looser. This is the second wheel alignment I have had done in the last 12 months both times presenting the same issues and I am at a loss as to what to do now as the garages only seem interested in performing a wheel alignment and this is clearly not the problem. Could it be the rack and pinion or the steering block? I have the tie rod ends replaced not long after getting the car so I don't think it can be that. Any advice would be appreciated.
    • By Hoochykins
      I have just bought a 2007 GS450H with ivory interior but it currently has a leather steering wheel. I want to upgrade to a wood wheel but wanted to know what model wheels fit?
      I have found a 2006 GS430 wood wheel for sale but wanted to check it would fit?
    • By mf2spurs
      First off I don't really post much on here, but this site has helped me out a lot in the past when it comes to little niggles with the car.
      Unfortunately this is one where I can't really find an answer... and it's about the steering wheel squeak, creak, rubbing noise.
      Now I have taken a small video so that you can hear it. Apologies for the camera moving around as I tried to show where abouts the noise is coming from.
      I am pretty sure the noise is from the drivers side.
      At a guess I am assuming because the steering column is obviously on the right.
      It's an IS200 that has done 155,000 miles if that helps.
      I did read that I should spray WD40 where the steering column comes through the footwell.
      This sort of worked, but to be honest as there was no pics, I sprayed half a can where ever I saw something that looked like a join that could squeak.
      Does anyone know what it is and how I can fix it?
      Thanks for your help.