Fitting a Dashcam in an NX

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There is a very comprehensive article on fitting a front and rear dashcam, which was produced by matt8 on the IS300h forum. I intend to make use of this quite soon when I get round to fitting mine in my NX.

What I am wondering now is, has anyone fitted front and rears in their NX and, have removed the pillar trim/roof lining/door scuff plate trims in order to do so.  I have seen a thread where someone has put the cables behind the door rubbers but I prefer not to do this.  I am wondering if the pillar trim fixings are the same in the NX as they are in the IS (I imagine that they are very likely to be the same) and, how easily do these fixings break when doing the job and if they do, how easy is it to get replacements?

Some time ago I purchased a set of plastic levers etc for removing the trim and so should be OK there.

Any input will be much appreciated.


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Just slipped the front to rear cable up behind the trim on the A pillar and along the edge of the headlining once the door rubbers have been pulled back slightly and then through one of the convoluted tubes leading from the body to tailgate. The only thing visible is an inch or two of cable at the front and rear cameras.

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