Help!! Installed Aftermarket stereo and Nav wont work?!

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Hi all, im new to this forum and am a proud new lexus is200 owner. I recently decided to remove the factory stereo and install an aftermarket double din stereo, upon completing the installation i noticed the satnav screen is gone blank and will just go crazy whenever the ignition is turned over the screen just flips up and down. I searched the internet for a solution and came across one post which was a guy selling a device on ebay what tricks the car into thinking the factory stereo is still there however he has no longer got any devices left and doesnt sell them. Does anyone know any other way to get it working again? Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks

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    • By Piri1337
      Hi guys,
      This is my first post in this forum, so apologise if this is in the incorrect thread.
      I bought a used Lexus IS300h from 2014, as my judgment wasn't that great, I got one without many of the features (executive model).
      I was looking into a couple of things, but there is not much to be found, is there a possibility to add some of the safety features which are in the other models?
      Also, I was looking at the speedometer of the f sport model, can this be upgraded after the purchase?
    • By Magic7032
      Before I start I have spent quite a few hours looking and reading posts, but most are old and photos no longer available and also many post were pre having 3rd party harnesses available, I’d prefer to avoid cutting and splicing 
      ive removed the 6cd changer, got the new fascia, got a stereo, got everything I thought I needed and built and framed it etc, went to plug it in and no go.
      the plugs that are quoted and in the set I bought have 2 separate connections but only 1 come out of the back of the CD player and are all different shapes. I have read I may need to access the amp wiring but it’s pretty tight around the amp so will wait before having to remove if required
      photos, CD player back, cable plugs into right side socket then I assume through the dash behind the glove box to the amp, and other photo is the adapter kit I got which is the same as Halfords etc for a Lexus/Toyota loom
      does anyone have any guidance please?

    • By LeoLex
      Quick question. Is it possible to run a sub woofer with preamp off of the original stereo and amp?
    • By Crowe
      My sat nav is driving me crazy it only sends me the long way to my destination and never the quickest way I thought I went into the settings to try help with speeding it up but always sends me the worst way possible end up on the Iphone maps 😖
    • By David Cowling
      I have just bought the CT200h Executive 2016 with built in Sat Nav and reversing camera and I also subscribe to Pocketworld GPS for Safety Camera updates which can be downloaded in many formats including Tom Tom OV2.
      Is there any way of updating speed camera location - The link shows an image of the Map Data which may or may not be helpful
      I also thought the Sat Nav software was on a Micro SD Card but as yet have not managed to find a slot - any ideas ?
      Any help would be appreciated and ease the frustration.