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 IS220d....Ok the egr system needs cleaning now and again but what I would like to know is the egr pipe where it meets the block is that a straight channel thro to the cooler on the other side of the engine and if so should this not be part of the clean and maybe all the parts linked..cooler,actuator etc??

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Based on the position of the cooler and metal pipe, I would be surprised if it wasn't a straight channel.

I suppose in theory the whole thing should be cleaned, but having seen the location of the EGR cooler, I can definitely see why this isn't the case! :smile:

I gather the exhaust manifold would need to be removed the get it all out?

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Was actually hoping to get the turbo off yesterday but with the snow and a bout of manthrax it aint happened..will take plenty o pics tho when it does..probably whip the egr cooler off too to inspect!

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    • By IS220d Remapped (2 years)
      Hi guys,
      Thought I should join to share my IS220d experience.
      I had issues blanking my EGR few years ago as it would throw up all sorts of errors. tried cleaning but only eliminated issues temporarily.  
      I found a company willing to do a remap. He managed to delete DPF and EGR. I then blanked the EGR with a plate and got the DPF gutted by a professional welder (mechanic) within a week of map. 
      The car was at 120k mileage when mapped. it is now at 162k pulling strong on all gears. the economy, torque and response was an still is really noticeable. I manage 38>mpg on minor boost and 31-36mpg having fun with it. These figures vary dependent on weather and road conditions hence the large variations. 
      To summarise,
      1. hydrocarbon engine flush. (I just did it for the sake of it) 
      2. remap (delete EGR and DPF from ECU) 
      3. Blank EGR (blanking plate from ebay)
      4. DPF gutted then re-welded professionally (from my mechanic)
      Hope this helps,
    • By PaulyLS400
      Usual warning lights on dash on my IS220d - P2002. 100,000 miles, new EGR fitted by Lexus @ 49,000  One careful lady owner so expected the worse as it's probably never been out of Solihull. Took off EGR and it was pretty bad so cleaned this out but after resetting the lights with a reader purchased from amazon for £15 they came on again after 1 minute, followed by the limp mode. I'm 50 miles from the nearest dual carriageway and about the same from the nearest DPF doctor in Telford. Anyone know how I can force the DPF into a cleaning cycle whilst the vehicle is stationary? I can start the engine and warm up, then increase to around 3000 rpm no problem. Any other suggestions will be gratefully received

    • By Mark c
      Hi Guys first time posting on the forum but wanted to share my experience. I have a 07 Is220d for almost a year now with 120k. I drive about 400 mile per week motorway driving. 
      When I got the car it wasn't great so got it remapped. I then got it carbon cleaned through the air box and put some fuel cleaner in it to and still not great. Low revs poor. Couldn't get 40mpg no matter what I done. Monday night I decided to pull of the egr valve and it was totally blocked. The fuel cleaner and 1 hour carbon clean was useless. I soaked the egr valve in brake cleaner and also the steel pipe. Used a tooth brush to get as much carbon off the manifold. Put it all back together and I'm not getting 50 mpg at 75mph. Takes any gear at low revs. Different car. It took me about 2 hours and it's only 6 nuts.
      Hope this helps some of yous.
    • By Carl_Freeman
      I have been talking to Gareth at Avon Tuning in Bristol after reading this article:
      Avon Tuning have a good reputation as far as I can see on various owners forums. They have a blog and facebook page too if you are interested.
      Gareth wrote in response to my email:
      "Since summer last year, the Denso ECU's fitted to Lexus/Toyota vehicles were cracked. This was one of the biggest revelations in our industry. We have now done over 100 Toyota/Lexus vehicles for both Remapping and DPF Removal. We give you a lifetime warranty with our software so no issues there for you. There are many advantages to DPF Removal, the main being the cost Vs replacement let alone a healthier vehicle with less restriction and pressure. Another advantage to a DPF Removal is that we include free of charge a Remap so therefore is very cost effective for you saying you £250.   We offer a DPF Removal + EGR Delete + Stage 1 ECU Remap + Dyno package on your vehicle for £549 including VAT.    That includes the physical removal of the filter, the fitment of an EGR blanking plate and all the associated ECU Reprogramming to prevent future DPF regeneration and warning lights. Also included free of charge is a Stage 1 ECU Remap to improve the performance and efficiency of the engine. Furthermore, once we have completed our removal service we offer a lifetime guarantee against any future DPF / EGR issues and warning lights."         very interesting :)
    • By BamBam1
      Hi All,
      I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to cars and I'm wanting to learn a bit more about them.
      I have recently bought a 2007 Lexus IS220D with 47k miles. The previous owner (who had it from new) just used it for city driving. Never thought much of it at the time but looking on the forums it looks like this can cause quite a bit of carbon build up, I'm wanting to give cleaning it a go myself as it looks pretty straightforward (on youtube) but want a bit of advice before i do it.
      Would it cause any problems if I take out the egr and manually clean that and then use this kit?
      It's the Wynn's 3 pack (EGR Cleaner, DPF Cleaner, and Injector Cleaner), would these cause any problems for the car? Or has anyone come across any better alternatives?
      I thought if I manually clean the EGR then use the kit it would come out even cleaner if it's really blocked up.
      Sorry if it's a really stupid question, like I said I'm a car noob ;)