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Mine came with these but not fused versions - I've used the first one:cool:



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I bought a trickle charger which I am sharing with my son in law. We bought the CTEC as others advised. I used it for the first time over the weekend as the car has not had much use lately due to the weather and I wanted to try it out. After 7 hours it was showing the green light so I discontented it. The next day when I went out I noticed my hybrid Battery was down too 2 bars, which is much lower than normal driving. 

Any thoughts?

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The CTEK will only charge the starter battery.

Below is some important info regarding hybrid Battery from handbook -


Charging the hybrid battery (traction battery)
As the gasoline engine charges the hybrid battery (traction battery), the battery does not
need to be charged from an outside source. However, if the vehicle is left parked for a
long time the hybrid battery (traction battery) will slowly discharge. For this reason, be
sure to drive the vehicle at least once every few months for at least 30 minutes or 16 km
(10 miles). If the hybrid battery (traction battery) becomes fully discharged and you are
unable to start the hybrid system, contact any authorized Lexus dealer or repairer, or
another duly qualified and equipped professional.


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