Car Seat Pocket Organizer

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For anyone needing an extra bit of cabin storage for small objects I can recommend the pocket shown in the attached photos, which I recently bought on

Amazon (see Tentock Leather Car Seat Side Pocket Organizer) for about €25 inc. Postage.







Being black with red stitching it perfectly matches the Dark Rose interior trim of the F-Sport (other colours are available), and although real leather would have been

nicer than synthetic the item is sturdy and well made and does not move when the seat slides forward or back.  An Iphone 8 Plus in a wallet case like mine fits 

in the larger of the two compartments and plugs into one of the USB ports in the armrest cubby with a 30cm cable (mine is a black Anker which I prefer to the longer

and more obtrusive white apple original), this being an adequate length for easy and flexible movement.

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