Do you always use super unleaded?

Do you always use super unleaded?  

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  1. 1. Do you always use super unleaded

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@ no one in particular

They had previously replied saying they couldn't tell me and had sent in a technical request. To whom, I have no idea, it wasn't stated.

Although it would be nice to ask the engine designer I feel that is an unlikely outcome.

The only other way to be sure is obtain and understand the compression figures, volume of combustion and spark timing.

Feel free to research. I'll just got with the answer to my query regarding clarification of the various manuals and brochures.

Failing that, if one wishes to fill in blanks, make up filler facts and arrive at the answer they wanted to hear.....feel free. Your money, your car. :)

Don't shoot the messenger.

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You have to remember that Lexus in the UK are just a marketing department. They basically looked in the owners manual and quoted the relevant statement. :sad:
That what they did when I asked about cfrp and what I expected. But they passed this one on. Took a lot longer to get a response.

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