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Gs300 18" Rims On An Is?


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offset is 40. Rears are not normally wider than the front however both are wider than the IS 18" wheels so different tyres are required

The 18 x 8.5" 40mm offset GS rims will go on an IS no problem as long as you are not more than about 40mm lower than standard. Mat Clawley's Volk TE37 rims are 8.5" on the rear with 255 tyres and they never rub. I think they are +40mm offset too.

Even the 10" sport rear alloys will go on an IS, there is a guy in Germany with them on his car.

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OK - Just to clear up the offsets (Taken from here)


width | offset | tires range (width)

7 = 40 and up 215-225

7.5 = 42 and up 215-235

8 = 43 and up 215-235

8.5 = 45 and up 215-225


7 = 40 and up 215-225

7.5 = 40 and up 215-235

8 = 42 and up 215-245

8.5 = 45 and up 225-265 (255-265 requires rolling or having lip)

9 = 49 and up 235-275 (MAY require rolling or shaving lip)

9.5 = 52 and up 245-285 (MAY require rolling or shaving lip, 285 may require more modification)

10 = 45 and up 255-315(requires pulling fender)

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