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Japanese Brake Light Mod


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Right, I've just completed the mod. Thanks to steve audio x for helping me out on this.

I used a relay with

an earth connection connected to the boot lid,

a connection to the lefthand side break light,

1 Y connection to the two fogs and

1 connection to fuse holder which was connected to the Battery!

It took a total of 2 hours!!

1 hour was tryna work out how the hell I was going to get the lead from engine bay into the seating area. It was a :tsktsk: , In the end I used a small kitchen knife to cut through the rubber, routed this along the passenger side no probs, done ice installs on 'old' cars before. I hit another problem, when I can to rear seats, after 15 minutes of struggling I managed to find a small hole. The rest was relativley simple. Just took a bit of time opening, routing, wiring, testing and closing things.

I did :tsktsk: myself when the fogs didnt work independently, but then I remember I have to switch the lights ON :lol::lol:

Anyways it looks great :D I cant wait to brake tonight :lol:

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Ok 'slight' problem. When I done the tests, yes the 5 brake lights worked, and the fogs worked indepently.

When I was driving around at 4:30, the problem occurred, the fogs stayed on. So this just proves that I doesnt work without diodes.

Came home and put the 3 diodes in, another 30mins work.. but its all done and good now :)

Had this brand new beemer 5 series driver behind me in rush hour, he started flashing at me :angry: and then he realised it was 'a feature' of the Lexi, and he looked well jealous :lol::lol:

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Nice one Raz... Still not sure how your Fog's could have stayed on, unless the relay was sticking.

Glad you got it fitted.. Are they BRIGHT ?

I havent been doing anything funny with the relay :P

thanks for all your help steve.

I pressume the fogs are B R I G H T :lol:

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