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Reading Meet 17th Feb


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I am pretty sure that the next Reading meet is on the 17th I have seen a post on another forum from Mike advising the date.

I have e-mailed him and asked for confirmation of the dates so I will let know, I know alot from Newbury Car Club went last night and there was nothing on.

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Just had the following e-mail confirmation from Mike the Reading meet is:-

17th of this month then back to every 2nd Tuesday of the month

There is a small weekly Winnersh meet.

The Reading 1 is huge and I’ve posted on the loc 3 times but it always seem to vanish.

Even pmed figgits.

70 plus again I think so try to get there around 7pm @ comet

See you soon and good luck with your Newbury meets I will deffo come to 1 soon.

Michael McAuley(def).

See you there

Do you want to change the heading of this post or shall I put a new one on?


Ps so who is going to go next week then?

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I couldnt find my posts about the reading meet and must of posted it 4 times because i couldnt find it(probs because of the new meet section).

I also Pmed fidgets who i think i met at the mot opening day ;)

Cheers Maria for sorting it out for me :)

Whos coming on tuesday then?????

Its getting warmer now and i will also be doing a jap car and exotica thing in the summer in a big field with some 1 else(sundays).

See you all soon and hope to see some lexus @ tsc4


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I didnt see any lexus tonight but there was 120 cars parked up at 1 piont :unsure:

whats going on???

it rained till5.39pm and it wasnt that cold :crybaby:

The next 1 will be big and the 200mph+ 200sx will be there all the way from ipswitch :) rupert might be bringing a 710bhp skyline for the 2nd time which is the sister car to ronnie rockets totb 1 and 2 winning skyline!!

See you all there


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