Adjustable control arms mk3 gs300

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Long story short, I have some aftermarket wheels that are quite wide (9.5) and et35, meaning they will stick out of my arches a little bit (especially on the front as I'll need a 15mm spacer to clear the brake caliper). Rather than have some dreadful looking arch extensions bolted on to the car, my plan is to roll the arches slightly for an extra 1-2cm clearance and add a degree or two negative camber. At the front, the wheels will protrude an extra 4.5cm so I reckon rolled arches plus a little negative camber will do the trick. They will just about fit at the back but will roll the arches anyway for a little bit more room.

Does anyone know of any adjustable control arms that are sold in the UK for the mk3 gs? Found a few online but they're all in the US and I don't fancy paying to ship them all the way here.

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