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What ho chaps/chapesses. I am seriously considering getting a Lexus, probably an elderly LS460 as I really like them. Never had a Lexus but always admired them. I currently own a Bentley Turbo RT (1998) and am sick to the back teeth with it. I've had it a few years now and every year it costs a fortune to maintain even though it does next to no mileage. So the big green dollop will be up for sale and a Lexus will replace it, I like Japanese cars (I have an MX5 as well) as they are so reliable!


Could the wise persons of the forum advise me on what to look for when buying?


All the best,



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Hello David and welcome to the forum. I've never had an LS460 so I'm afraid that I can't help but I'm sure someone will be along soon who can.

I've never quite understood why the board has a 'New Members' area when most folk become members to ask about specific models, so my advice would be to also post your question in the LS-specific (LS400, 430, 460 and 600h) area, where you'll probably get the best answers.



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Hi Dave, Welcome Along. I'm not rich enough to have owned an LS460 just yet but if there only half as reliable as the old 400/430s they will be ok. The interior on the 460 is absolutely superb, I love them a lot & like you I plan to own one in the near future so will keep my eye on your replies  with interest.  Good Luck in your search.


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