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My radio reception is very hit and miss at present, and it occured after a long 600 mile round trip. Naturally i lost all the local radio stations within 50 miles, but when i returned, they are all unclear, static/white noise etc. Some are clearer than others, but nothing to do with being a local station or not.

I am aware that the aerial is built into the rear screen, the screen is fine, the 'tracks/lines' are all intact.  The reception doesn't get any better or worse if i have my hand on the rear screen, like with the old analogue aerials, trying to 'earth' it better, nor does it change if i have the heated rear screen on!  Please help!

I don't want to ruin my rear headlining by digging into the aerial amplifier, i disconnected the Battery for 5 mins, but still the same.  All radio presets are now fuzzy/distorted. Any ideas guys/girls?

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I'll be following this thread. Mine is the same. I mostly listen to Radio 2 which must be quite a strong signal and is 80% ok but any local stations are very hissy.

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