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Was given a brand new 2018 NX ourtesy car whilst my RX was in for the seat replacing and for those interested the ride quality is definitely improved over the older version, not as jittery over small bumby surfaces. Engine not as eager to over rev and overall quieter I think but eco mode was more obviously numb than my IS300H

Not sure which trim level it was but not base model. it had leathers seats and premium nav but no other toys. Larger screen but didnt like the nav too small to read street names (even with the larger screen) and the set up screens made my 65 plate RX look positively intuitive LOL

That aside I think the improvements are noticeable and make the car nicer to be in.

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I had the Premier version as a courtesy car.  I was impressed! I only had it for 3 days and didn't have the time to go through all the gadgets.

Was great to see that when you get on the driver seat the wheel and seat moves to a saved store position.  Also the sat nav screen is bigger and clearer.  My wife drove the car a couple of times and she thought it was better when driving over small bumps on the road.  Sad I had to give it back......  

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