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Harrier Windscreen

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Is the windscreen in the RX330 the same as in the RX300/Harrier? The RX330 is commercially available through Lexus in Australia. The Harrier WAS only available as a grey import so parts are a bitch. The windscreen folk only carry a listing for the RX330.

Some months ago a member asked if the windscreen design on the RX was faulty as he had 2 broken screens in a short period. I'm tipping the sheer size of the damn thing increases your chances of debris impact by 400%!

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It took some doing but I finally tracked down a reasonably priced windscreen replacement for the RX300. Apologies to the 99.99% of club members who don't reside in Australia to whom this info is useless, but:

1. O'Brien Glass: AUD$1,260, comes with lifetime replacement warranty. Gee.

2. Lexus Parts: AUD$1,630 + tax + install

3. Protector Glass Industries: $128 + $75 freight from Sydney + $100 install.

4. Moorabbin Windscreens: $250, supplied and fitted.

So why did I chose option 3? Option 4 called backed just after I hung up from ordering and paying for Option 3!

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