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Soon To Be The Proud Owner Of A Ls400

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Hello peeps!

Sold the GT4 so now im moving to the sunny land of Lexus. I was going to get an IS200 but even the cheapest one's are more than i want to spend on my next car.

So i've been looking at the LS400, i think for the money you get one HELL of a lot of car :lol:

Anyway this Saturday im going to look at a potential car. 1994 L Reg Series II.

150k on the clock with a full Lexus service history. 3 Owners. Just had cambelt done. Gold with beige interior.

The dealer is asking £3995 for it but im gonna push for £3500 ;)

What do you think? From the pictures it looks mint. good price?

Is there anything i should be looking for apart from the usual accident damage/rust/abuse/noise/smoke?

I hear that the 1uz-fe is a rock solid engine and at 150k the engine will go on for years. I've also heard of jap's with over 500k on the clock!

Also they sound quite economical for a 4ltr averaging 28mpg.

Any advice or tips would be great :winky:

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where do you want me to start? 28mpg? only downhill, at 56mph. round town and non-motorway journeys 17 or so!

engines may go on for ever, but the service parts and other bits that need replacing cost the earth. although GOLD members can get 15% off, it's still 15% off a large figure. (new rad £550 plus VAT, and nobody wants to repair them! and mine wasn't damaged, it just corroded through, maybe a previous owner had not used toyota antifreeze.) there's loads more like that, but, sailing's an expensive business with a poor payback, so why should't luxury motoring be the same?

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shame you could not go for a Mark III which starts from 95

Biggest tip is.. service history.. make sure it is on the dot! anything that was done late I would think twice.... might still be a very good car but you really need to make sure all the previous owners where good with the car.

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I dont know much about the LS400

But from what i know the Mark III is quicker with 260 BHP (0-60 in abour 7 secs)

Front face lift.. looks better than the mark II

interior changes..

I think the audio is better too.

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LOL @ Duncan!

to be honest i like Green on the IS200.. does suit the car.. but seeing too many green LS's about.. to many!

I wouldnt mind an Mark III LS.. especially with black leather.. yummy!

Great cars for fitting in car entertainment ie. TFT screens all round with DVD, console and Sat Nav... tinted windows... ultimate cruising motor.. passengers will love ya!

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passengers will love ya!

My thoughts exactly.

After living a crampt life in the Celica i want enough room to hear an echo :lol:

TFT screens in the head rests are just too tempting, also a gamecube! :D (dribble...)

After all i have heard about the reliability of the LS i'll risk possible however unlikely repair bills and get a huge blinging comfort-machine. :winky:

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Best thing is to get a car repair pot or account and stick £500 in it... so if something does go wrong you know you can fix the problem snappy.

If you can afford the MKIII then go for it.

BTW.. i enquired about celsior parts!! tad cheaper! :winky:

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Sorry for going :offtopic: but I remember going to Doncaster car show the year the LS came out and being impressed by 3 cars

Ferarri Testarossa because Miami Vice ruled TV and I wanted to be Don Johnson :whistling: (did I really just say that :crybaby: )

Honda NSX for its stunning looks and cheap price (compared with Ferrari)

The Lexus LS because it was just larger than life... (everything about it was bigger and better) it was and still is pure class!

Made a promise to myself one day I would own one of them... Well I didn't keep it but am now the prowd owner of a IS200

Go for that LS mate

It really is one hell of a car!

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What kind of service history does the car have? Stamps in a book does necessarily mean it has been well looked after. Any owner can get the service done and get a stamp put in the book. However, it's the actual invoices which show if the dealer has recommended any work at service time which many owners neglect the recommended work, and they still get the stamp.

Caveat Emptor - Buyer Beware!

Ideally, take someone along who knows a lot about these cars, or failing that get it inspected by AA/RAC before you part with your cash!

If you ever need parts, I'd try I just ordered parts from them at 40% of the price I would pay in this country!

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just my two cents worth.....If you spend your day stuck in traffic,burning fuel

to go nowhere the LS will be more expensive than ever. If you like tearing round country lanes and sporty driving the Ls won't suit you.

If like me you want to go on a journey with nothing to do except listen to

your cd's in big armchair,sod the expense and get the LS! B)

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Ok so i went to check out some LS400's today.

Thanks to steve by the way for offering to check it over with me but i only read the PM just before i went so i didnt want to let you know at the last moment.

Anyway i did go and see the gold LS400 Series 2 in Bournemouth and it was a bit horrid. Rust poking through in a few places, especially at the top of each front wheel arch.

The owners and service history was not what i was told on the phone and generally looked a bit tatty.

On the way back i checked out another LS, this time a 95M Series 3.

I have to say the series 3 has sooooo much more improvements over the series 2.

I didnt notice the diffrence in the length (i hear the series 3 was designed to offer more legroom and a larger boot than the series 2), but the revised front look more modern and the interior certainly looked the business.

So im going to start Series 3 hunting.

My budget is £5000, mileage isnt an issue as i am used to high milers.

But im pretty sure for this kinda money a good series 3 wont be too hard to find. :shifty:

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