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Brakes & Hubs Painting


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did mine black with silver stickers, now got the chromes to put on instead, but not got round to doing it yet!

Mine is Plat. ice also.

Looking back, I would now do mine silver with black stickers. Looks very smart (which is what I was after - rather than in your face!) and also matches say the AMG's etc.

Maybe when I take my old stickers off, I should repaint silver???

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I've painted my brake hubs in light grey, and plan to do the calipers in gold ,as soon as the weather gets better :) , not sure about the colour of stickers , maybe black would look good on gold calipers :D .

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Bought silver hameritte and the black lexus stickers for my IS200 Plat Ice... just waiting for a free weekend that is dry and fairly warm!!

Will post some pics once done (in a few months no doubt, at my current speed and weather conditions in Macclesfield!!)

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Hope it was Hammerite smooth.......

whats better to use?

hammerite for £8.99 but takes an hour to dry?

Or HALF**** brake calliper paint at £9.99 takes 15 mins to dry? :blink: (only available in gold, red, green of somthing :lol: )

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