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RX450h 2016 Towbar issues

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New to Lexus having picked up a Lexus RX450h as a company car....

Trouble finding a towbar other than a Lexus dealer fitted version for which I have been quoted £1150!!  Other companies telling me there are no towbars available for this model???

Have a caravan so of course we are in need of a quick solution to this problem....

Any help would be very much welcome...



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I’m sure someone will be able to correct me, but a good few years ago we investigated a tow bar for my wife’s 2009 RX450h. We were told it was possible to fit one, but that we’d need a gearbox fluid cooler/radiator fitting.

We didn’t take this any further, but it sounds plausible if towing a large caravan/horse box etc, but probably not if it’s just a little thing for an occasional run to the tip...? 

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