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Road Noise

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Hey folks.

Any of you guys out there know of any products, tweaks, mods, spells, chants, prayers to reduce road noise without having to reduce the size of my wheels so they're all tyre? I'm currently rolling on 18" Rims.

I normally have my music so loud that my ears ring after a journey, but if I have passengers I can't do that, so I become very conscience of the road noise.

Any thoughts?

(I've tried driving on grass everywhere I go, but it limits my travel to my back garden.)


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years ago Merc were working on a noise cancellation system to reduce driving fatigue. When I spoke to someone at Toyota about this, they said why do you need that, the Lexus's (at the time it was the LS400) is so quiet anyway you wouldn't need it!!

Try different tyres!

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So tyres seem to be the option. At the moment I have Pirelli P-Zeros on. They are wearing very well. :-) I got pulled by the police for jumping a red light and the cop said he could smell the tyres melting, which was nice. (And before you ask, it was 3 o'clock in the morning, I was tired and wanted to get home. Besides, I was on the phone and had a bottle of whiskey in my other hand.... :blink: )

I'll look for the tyres that don't make a noise then......



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