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Which Engine oil?


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Many oils can meet manufacturers requirements and certified standards at the outset but better ones hold longer to their specifications.  It follows that if cheap oils are used, these should be changed more frequently than better formulated longer life oils.  However, well worn engines that allow more products  of combustion to become absorbed past piston rings and valve guides are going to cause even long life oil to contaminate more quickly so in these cases a more regular change using a cheaper oil can be a better way.  Some manufacturers suggest a heavier grade of oil in these circumstances.

It's interesting that in the USA, where they tend to cover longer mileages, they look more carefully at this and some owners have samples of oil from their vehicles laboratory tested to establish wear and what is appropriate.  If I recall correctly, Amsoil  was generally regarded as tops for normal use and Mobil 1 did pretty well too. Filters are also very important and these are cut open to check their effectiveness as people have posted in the USA. 

Replacing good quality long life oil and filter more frequently than specified at very short mileage, won't do any harm but in normal circumstances with a low mileage already run in engine is not likely to provide any substantial benefit.

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This is a great thread all, does anyone have the part number for the oil filter or recommend a specific 3rd party one - or is OEM the way to go? I know for example K&N produce an oil filter for the LS430.

Finally, where can I find the oil capacity of the LS430 4.3 engine in Litres? I've looked through the user manual which recommends 5W-30 (for UK) but doesn't say how much oil it needs if I'm going to do an oil change myself.

Many thanks.


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Page 456 of my Owners Manual says

Oil Capacity - 
       Drain and refill
               with filter   5.1L (5.4qt., 4.5 Imp. qt.)
               without filter 4.5L (4.8qt., 4.0 Imp.qt.)

and to use only 5W30 oil of "API grade SL “Energy-Conserving” or ILSAC multigrade engine oil"

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