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Front Tyre Wear (again !)


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Put my IS200 SportX in for its first service today, and asked for the tracking to be checked as the inside edges of the front tyres were looking very worn. The car is 10 months old and done 10800 miles. :angry::angry::angry:

The dealer advises that 2 new tyres are required; they didn't sort out the tracking as that will need doing again anyway once I've got new tyres. Sorting out the tracking normally costs £100+ but they said they'd do it for free due to the vehicle's age and mileage.

So...a some questions for you guys out there ...

- is this a good offer from the dealer ?

- is this level of wear acceptable (I know that it appears to be a common problem) ?

- recomendations for sourcing the new tyres ? (Dealer says they charge £140+VAT, so I should look elsewhere - he says they had someone come in last week and had got a pair for £100 each 'off the web').

I've currently got Bridgestones - are they the best bet, or would something else last longer ??

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free tracking is worth it.

Is that £140 for a pair? If so then thats cheap. If not, get them to price match either or Micheldever (if you are near Hampshire).

Mytyres will deliver them to the garage and then the garage can fit them.

Dealers are flexible on tyre pricing as they get them for peanuts! About (£30 or so)!!

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I prefer the Dunlop SP9000 Sports, but the Bridgestones are good, quieter!

Othere people go for ar the Toyo Proxes P1 (or something like that!)

Headley Tyres or Micheldever will supply and fit the dunlops or bridgestones for approx £90 each.

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;) I to have a 200 sport , which i bought from a lexus leicester .They serviced it at 8,500 saying they had done it so the 10,000 mile service didnt need doing, ive only done say 5,00 miles in it and allready 3 out of the 4 wheels need tracking,

1 front and both rear need doing. Just wondering if how many other people have come across this problem.

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