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Buying Soarer Uzz32 4ltr V8 Gt


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nice motor

Usual things to go wrong

Blinkey dash (digital dash flickers)

Leaky PAS pump which leaks over alternator

Top of the radiator crackles and becomes weak

Faded headlights (plastic fades a misty brownish colour)

Knocky bushes mainly lower arm bushes

Make sure that that its had plaenty of services whilst in this country.. most come without history.. this is pretty normal

Make sure timing belt has been changed... even if the car has 40K on the clock the car is still old and may need changing anyway.

When you get the car makes sure you give the car a really good servoce.. change all fluids.

dont be put off by the bits that i have listed above.. not all have these problems and soarers are pretty tough motors... afterall its all fixable.

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also double check the suspension.. pay attention to this...

when viewing the car make sure the engine is cold so so can see if the car is leaning at all... if it leans one side and has air suspension then you have a leak... just make sure you inspect the suspension thouroughly

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As Steve said, the top of the radiator may look like it's got lots of fine cracks in it in which case it may not last long - mine's just given up the ghost. Costs £400 for a new one from Toyota + 1 hours labour to fit, or SSS might sort you one for a couple of hundred (fitted).

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