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I Hate Other Drivers

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Came back to my car today and found someone has opened their door into the side of my car, not only has it scraped the paint off but its badly dinted the door.

Why can't people be more careful it really bugs me!!!!!

Got a quote straight away from a top paint shop, £483.00 ouch thats one expensive parking space :tsktsk:

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Last year some toe rag rammed (and I mean RAMMED) a shopping trolley into my front wing. It left a large dent, which crossed the styling line above the wheel arch. I used Dent Devils. They (did) charge £75.00+vat per panel.

Obviously (like any other job) it depends on the bloke who does it, but the guy who did mine was fantastic. He took the ding out 100%. To say I was pleased with the work would be an understatement!

I wouldn't like to think what that would have cost in a bodyshop.

With yours, I dunno about the paint being broken, though.?

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I would personally get it done privately and not through the Insurance. I've never had protected no claims so I couldn't advise you on how it would effect your preminums.

Your quote seems rather high, I would get a few more quotes. Try Chipsaway and other independant paint shops.

Where in the UK are you based?

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I have protected no claims and a £50.00 excess what would you recommend. Getting it done at a proper body shop or one of these dint places

Did you tell them it would be an insurance job? Probably why the quote was so much.

Even if you have protected no claims your premium may well go up next year because you have made a claim.

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A couple of things.

Your premium WILL go up if you make a claim (even though you have prot. NCD). Insurance companies have a "double hit" when it comes to claims. Protected NCD is only half the story. If you don't have protected NCD then you will get two seperate sets of loading! It's the usual insurance rip off.

The thing to do is go to somewhere like Dent Devils (or the like) and get a quote from them.

Next, go to a good bodyshop and get two quotes. One for an insurance job, and another if you pay them cash.(they will usually quote cheaper if its not an "insurance job")

Then you need to work out your next year's premium based on the loading you will receive if you make a claim. This can be difficult as your insurance company won't tell you what they're loading you as you have prot. NCD! In my experience, its usually between 6 and 10 percent.

Also, don't forget that if you do make a claim, you'll have to disclose it to the insurance companies for the next three years.(and receive another two lots of loading!)

It's usually cheaper in the long run to pay for little things like this yourself, and leave claiming for the really expensive jobs!

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Always park in a secluded (but well lit area), preferably next to other nice cars. I usually find other Lexus drivers park next to me.

This is something I do too. Just remember to avoid BMW drivers, those ppl are in such a rush to get from place to place in their company cars they often don't care what they hit!

Also, I can recommend a company called ProFinish Dents who came out to fix a ding on my car when some silly (*ahem* BMW) driver opened her door into my car while there were three people sitting in the back of my car (pays to have tints :D).

Anyway, insurance company took it in and their approved bodyshop wanted to strip my baby and redo her... and relieve the insurance company of £500+ for the privilege. Profinish came and did it privately for around £80.

They can't fix everything and its important to get it seen to as soon as possible. They will warn you how likely it is that they'll be able to carry out a successful repair. In my case they said it might be difficult to get the ding out without cracking the paint but they managed to do it ok in the end.

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yeah similar thing happened to me, took it to lexus, they said to use a company called dentwizard who took the dent out for £45 (i think) and the job was perfect

however, in my case, no paint was lost, so it was just the removal of the dent, but i'm sure chipsaway will do a good job on that

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I know how you feel - if your car get scratched or dented by some idiot--makes you :sick: -- Mercedes gave my previous Merc a nice new present when it came out after having a service - a great big dent and scrape on the wing...bunch of :tsktsk: (almost 10 inches long......filthy minds......i mean the scrape).........anyway they had there own mobile repair guy come out to repair it -- have to say he did an excellent job :D - Obviously i didnt pay for it but asked him how much it would have cost, he told me about £90.

Wouldnt reccomend taking it into a body shop - they will charge you extortionate prices.

If you do get a Mobile person out i suggest it be done if possible on a bright sunny day so you can see if the paint actually matches. :winky:

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:angry: Feeling much better now I have found this page re dents.

I was very annoyed to find that some toss pot had put a dent on the the front o/s wing of my otherwise pristine 4 week old IS200 LE.

As said above why the heck can't people be more careful. I wonder if people see a new car and assume that you are either loaded or it is a company car. My car was bought by me with hard earned and hugely taxed income.

Like all here I am very careful not to damage another persons car.

I have sent pics to the Lexus dealer for an opinion but have to say that hearing about the various 'Dent' companies is encouraging. The metal is dented but I don't think that the paint is 'broken'.

Really p****s you of doesn't it???

Ted :angry:

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