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Good evening,

I'm in the market for a GS 2016. Not too sure what to go for, I've tried a GS300h 2016 basic spec (exec edition), was actually surprised how superior the ride is in term of comfort compared to the is. Absolutely love, how the control for the nav and other is finally reactive.
And also you can find some 2016 models with ~25k miles on the clock for 22.5k £ under lexus approved scheme.

On the other hand I'm really missing the powered tail gate, that seems to be available only on the premier trim.

And to be honest, I have always wondered how the 450h would feel in a GS.
I have to say I love the V6, and wonder if im not gonna miss it if I go for a 300h (which was already plenty powerful to honest and seems efficient, but clearly an A to B engin)
Also weirdly found it more energetic than on the is ??? Did they shorten the ratio on the CVT?

My question is, what kind of discount could expect on a brand new GS, I heard some people claiming getting -20% just passing the door sill of the dealer.
GS 450h 2016 there's few on autotrader/LUA and they seems to be not competitively priced.

I have had few lexus in the past RX450h, is 300h, is 250.

If anyone has any buying advice and feedback/experience with that particular model of GS to share, I'd appreciate greatly
Many thanks

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I got 20% off the list price of my GS 300h Exec 18 months ago. I bought at the end of the sales quarter, so the dealer might have been aiming to reach his sales quota, and I took the zero mileage car off the showroom floor.

I find the 300h to be powerful enough. I usually drive in 'econ' mode, as I find the car an excellent long distance cruiser. If i want a bit more acceleration, say at a roundabout or junction, I switch to 'sport' which gives the car a more immediate response. The Exec model has smaller wheels and higher profile tyres than you will find on the other specs, which gives a slightly more comfortable ride, which is my preference.

I used Carwow to get prices from various dealers, then went to my local Lexus dealer as said can you match this else I'll go elsewhere. They matched the best price, plus about £600 more for taking the colour of the showroom car.

Since the GS is no longer going to be made you might find a very good deal.

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You would get about £5-6k off a new GS300h at the minute. Possibly, even more off a pre-reg and if you haggle hard, probably a good saving as the GS is being phased out and will be replaced by the ES

The 450h is epic in the GS and thats what I would go for despite it being used. Ultimately depends on if you find the GS300h is enough for your needs


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