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First Impressions Of Driving In A


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My friend has had his ALTEZZA for a few dayz now.

I had my first drive yesterday and found the following.

This is a comparison against my Supercharged IS200 and is my perspective opinion.

The Altezza has power, much more then a standard IS200 non SC.

It's stability is good compared to the stock IS.Handling is fair.

The indicator and wiper stalks are reversered compared to the UK IS.

It has the 4 tail light 5 brake light thing :) Looks awesome at night.

The Altezza did not have features like:

Dimming the dash clock lights

Headlamp height adjustments

Rear Fog light switch

Front headlamp wash system ( prob an option )


Half leather interior

Rear middle headrest

No heated or electronic front seats

Bear in mind some of these above features may of been a cost option in Japan.

It did have:

Lots of pockets

Lots of coin trays

Built in TV tuner on Japan Nav system MINIDISC CD tuner

Aux inputs too

As for the Power band, I feel it's almost in the same Rev range as the UK IS however in comparison to my Supercharged one I think the following.

There is much more smoother power transfer in the SC model.

The engine sounds more smooth in the SC model, considering the Altezza is 4 cylinder engine.

Yes... Before FARGO ask's the SC is faster, although if there is a difference on paper between 10Bhp on the 2 cars, i think after driving it the ALTEZZA did not impress me too much with it's 200Bhp under the bonnet, mind you.... My Supercharged IS does'nt impress me neither but then I guess it's power at the Fly wheel or something... When considering a GOLF GTi has 150BHP and has almost the same power as the Supercharged model.

The best part of this would be to buy one and mod it with a Supercharger, then it'll be woosh...Much more potential then the Supercharged IS....

Still thinking guy's :unsure:

But as for value for money and the power you get.. I think the ALTEZZA is well worth it !

My mate will probally never let me drive it again now :hehe:

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It was a Maunal one Scott...Honest.

I really like it though, It's Plat Ice .

My mate is well CHUFFED with it... He Thanked me soooo much for making the suggestion to get one instead of a standard UK IS200 with less power etc...

He would'nt change it for the world now ..

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Sounds interesting..

Likewise 210bhp of Altezza power didn't impress me quite as much as i'd of liked.. however turbo or supercharger might just do it.

Engines sound nice over 5,000rpm too :)

I think its because when people think of 210BHP they think of it from very low revs.... ie. from a standing start. But they power delivery is very different than that as you now know.... When you take an Altezza on a b road, that is when they are so much fun...

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Thanks steve, i think i'll get get mine S/Ced (eventually).

Cant b doing with the hassle of selling my baby (and losing the extra paid at the dealer)

spending months to find an auto tezz of my spec,

retrimming leather,

adding ICe and Sat Nav, etc

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