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Help Wanted.......logo Design


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Need a logo for my business...........have messed about but not happy with what i've done..........

business name is Apex Revenues & Benefits Solutions Ltd

business type is IT / management consultancy for local government (soooooooo boring)

website (nearly done) has a blueish background and I'd like to continue along those lines.............

Successful designer will get some beer @ JAE ............maybe a swift trundle in the NOS mobile :driving:


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well just had a little play at one for you.. altough its a case of how proffesional should it ne or should it be more modern .... anyway like it or hate it heres one to start with


that was not bad at all.

What about w/out the star ?

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Dave - I'll stick my 10 pence worth in but...

1. How corporate do you need it? NOT VERY I'M A ONE MAN BAND....

2. Can you give me an indication of the blue you're using? ITS FROM MSFRONTPAGE THE RICE BACKING (THINK WILL CHECK TONIGHT LIGHT BLUE ANYWAY(Hex number, etc)

3. Any preferred fonts? ALL MY LETTERS ETC ARE IN TAHOMA

4. Will it be printed or just appear on the web? TWILL BE PRINTED ON INVOICES,LETTERS,BUSINESS CARDS (FUTURE0 & WEB

Cheers me ol' mucker. :D

See above.............many thanx


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