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Looking For Mk Ii - Width Of Gs; Ball Joints & Lpg

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I'm getting close to going looking for a GS300 MkII :zee:

I've worked out the finance; seen from this site that mpg is around 25 - which is what I'm used to.

Can somebody help me with a few questions:

I see the width is 1800 mm - is this widest point of actual car or from tip to tip of wing-mirrors (which I assume is the 'real' widest points) - I ask because my garage opening is 2100mm

Secondly there seems to be a common ball joint fault - did this affect the Mk II

Has anybody experience of LPG - if so what kind of mpg do you get from LPG (I beleive it's generally lower than petrol) / Cost to convert the car



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Width does not include the mirrors, widest point being wheel arch to wheel arch. Mirrors probably stick out another 150-200mm each from the widest point so I don't think it will go in your garage.

Not really a fault but ball joints do wear on the series II so it's worth checking them.

A couple of members have series I converted to LPG with no problems. A good conversion will cost up to £2,000.

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Thanks for the quick reply.

Sounds like it will go into the garage - but I might have to fold the mirrors when they get to the door - getting out isn't difficult - the garage is L shaped so a lot wider inside.


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