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Mp3 With Stock Unit On Is300

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ah Mr Giblin.

you have to same problem as myself, witht he sat nav you cant replace the head unit as it is tied in with the nav, unless you go the route of relocating the nav to the boot and then you can fit an aftermarket stereo.

or what i had done was a Dension mp3 hard disk via an FM modualtor, easy, however i notice a loss in sound quality on specific 'voice' freaquencys so i am going to add an AUX input to the CD wiring loom.

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Ello Mr Fargo :-)

Hmmmm, bloody annoying this then!!!! Why does it affect the DV Nav???? I thought this was already boot situated etc???

I have look at the FM solutions, and from previous form I would not really like to go down that route....although I might have too I guess.

How far away are you from adding a Aux in???? :driving:

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Aux input - waiting on steve audio to finish off,

dont know where the nav is tied into the stereo but it is..

if you really want an all in one mp3 head unit, then i would suggest you find a good installler (oxford audio i recommend and a nice gold discount) to put the stereo inthe boot and extend the connecters to allow this.

then you can stick in any head unit you like.

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Even tho I have a Full Pc in my car that does everything it takes a while to boot up so Ive found this solution .Web Page

it works out very cheap and you could use a cheap cassette adapter for the sound, its what im using at the moment and to be honest, the sound quality is much better than the very expensive Kenwood RF adapter I used with the minidisc changer I had.

Ive ordered one of these MP3 pcb's with display and it comes to around £58.00 with postage, add an old hard drive and put it in a small case or in the glove box and away you go. it'll work as soon as you turn it on as there's no windows to boot up and you can fit all your albums on the hard drive.

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