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Uploaded Pictures

Colin P

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After being a member for about 4 months i've finally got around to taking and uploading some photos. Its pretty standard but I like it - not to say I dont have and mods planned though!!!

Shame I didnt take them when the sun was out though

My Car

Thanks guys (and girls)


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thats cuz I did it myself! Basically the wheels were really badly corroded and made the car look bad so i went to Focus and bout some spray paint for metal (similar to the caliper hamerite stuff, needed 2 cans at about £8 a time) and as it turned out they looked pretty good.

I was going to get them refurbished but i'm going to get new wheels in the summer so i didnt want to waste it on that, instead I bought some springs! Got to fit them sometime!

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yea, i'd certainly reccomend it. It covered all the corrosion and scuffs that were on the car already plus its cheap and easy to do so if I ever scrape a kerb it can be easily disguised.

Having said that, I wouldnt have done it if my wheels were in good condition. But, the outcome looks good, need to lower it now and the exhaust needs to arrive!!!

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