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Corroded Wheels


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Hi, I took my is into my local dealer 5 months ago to see about getting the wheels replaced under warranty, abd was quite impressed with them, they said they would order a set and get in touch with me.

5 months on and still no wheels, just the same excuse, "theres a big back log" So i decided to phone lexus uk this morning, who said that it was'nt acceptable and they would look into it for me.

Then 10 minutes later i get a call from my local dealer saying they have a set of wheels they would like to fit to my car and can they do it this afternoon, Strange how a set just apeared... :duh:

Anyway its now in having them replaced.

Is this the way it normally works with warranty problems?


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When I got my replacement alloys on my LS400, the alloys were ordered straight away and an appointment made for a few weeks later. The lady behind the counter DID say that it's usually the crazy mad fanatic IS200 owners who opted for a replacement.

That was last year.

As soon as I got the new alloys, I washed and lacquered them where the old ones had corroded, which was in the recesses. They've been perfect ever since. I make sure I was them once a month and then wax.

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