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If you receive a message, even if it's from somebody you know, with the

subject :-

Happy Birthday

I can't recall what happened but..

I don't understand..

Is this the Smallest C++ MassMailer???

**** happens...

SoBig SoSmall

Virus Alert: W32.Nodoom.A@mm

Or with Text:

Here are the files you asked for, cheers

please explain me this attachment, it confused me..

SoSmall, SoCold, SoNice, SoGood, SoWarm..

Can you recall what happened at the party last friday?

I'm having serious problems, i really should stop smoking!

Maybe the picture files attached will explain it to you...

MessageLabs are the first to report of the new Nodoom Internet Worm

Please install the patch attached in this email to prevent outbreaks

Is this what where all about?

Please DO NOT OPEN IT. Check with the person who is supposed to have

sent it that it is really from them.

The message can be varied but the attachment will probably be one of the

following :-


file.txt .exe






weird.jpg .zip.exe

If you receive any messages like this, please delete them immediately.

Just thought you all might need to know this!

Stu :driving:

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