My 2002 is200 daily driver build thread

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Hi guys, I'm Luke from Peterborough, I got myself an is200 last Sunday and I love it!


It's a 2002 model, in grey with cloth interior.

It's got tein coilovers, RX8 wheels, a sun strip and a straight pipe.

It's had a hard life!


I wanna do a VIP build.


I'm after full air suspension,

A full black leather interior,

A rear bumper in gray,

A front bumper in grey,

Either smoked or LED lights all round, some 17-19 inch wheels up to 10 inch wide and the standard sat nav with all the parts.


Thanks guys!


Here's pics of my ride!


Hope you like guys! :)faa3b51430ab1af027ff49b9ef112441.jpg2e11438a4e7e5a3e548dceda2174f7d8.jpg


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Only just seen this, get a build thread going in the build section and keep the updates coming. Will be interesting to see how it transforms

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