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Brake Caliper - Piston Stuck

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Hey all,

driver's side front wheel seized up today, one of the pistons is stuck, '93 GS00 ..any ideas on a solution besides buying a stock caliper at the dealer?

...saw a few websites that sell the piston seperately, does this mean the bad piston can be replaced? is it a DIY job?

Are there any after market calipers out there for our first gen GS?



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Had the same problem with my 95 GS 300 Sport I removed the pads pushed the caliper piston out as far as I dare cleaned with WD 40 and some light emery paper smeared with copper slip and pushed thepiston back in cleaned excess off and it was ok after that Hope this helps PS now the owner of an Arito 300v twin turbo Graet car Billy Boy

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i would avoid using excessive amount of oil based lubricant on the brake pistons as this can lead to undetectable damage to the piston seal - get yourself some silicone grease - its a whitish compound, this is safe for use on rubber seals - apply this to the vescalised (sp) portion of the piston ( the chrome bit) and work the piston in and out - that may or may not solve your problem.

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