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Okay then folks, i'm back!

Still hunting for one, as I lost interest before crimbo and was actually gonna keep my Toyota Avensis for a while! But now i've seen sence and am gonna go for it!

So here I go again, if at all possible - can as many of you as possible flood me with advice on what to look for. It will be an early mark 1 (not sport) and I really need the kick up the **** to buy one. Budget max £6k with my Avensis as part trade in towards that. So Avensis + 2 - 2.5 grand should do it.

Also, why do people seem to say avoid the two tone colour models? Have been looking at a white/silver model and I love it!

Mostly though, I just wanna know what goes wrong with them, and where the potential big bills are.

Thanks so much in advance, I will appreciate it. Plus you will get another gold member then too!


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I think the two tone dates the car because a lot of cars years ago used to be two tone .I personaly like jaybo's but would not touch a white or cream one .Also a lot of the imports are two tone so the negativity could stem from that.why do you not want the sport model it looks a lot better than the standard car only drawback i think is the insurance jumps up a few groups

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Thanks for the replies so far. I can't quite understand it, but just think the colour suits it really.

And regarding not having a sport model, it's only really the insurance as one thing and the fact that I would be too worried about leaving it everywhere. They are really smart though, and you guys have some crackers in the members garage!

Keep them coming, I appreciate all the advice and opinions!

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If you are buying standard model and are willing to pay 7k i would phone around your local dealers and ask them to source one for you that way you wont end up with a lemon .you should get a fairly low mileage late model for that sort of dough

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Just a quick update. I had a test drive in one today, and thought they are bang on. I now know it is definately the car I want. Was impressed with the stereo as well, quite good for a standard system!

The one I looked at was ok, but a few car park scratches and the history was a bit strange. It kinda stopped in 2001, and then it had only done 6000 miles since then. I think not! At least it's gave me an idea of the car itself though, and at least I can look properly now.

I was aiming for a low mileage one, I think that the lexus service history is more important now. So may look at some higher mileage examples. I'm also gonna sell my car private too hopefully. Still aiming at around 6 grand for the lexus though.

Anyone had any trouble with the aircon by the way? Cause those of you with mark 1s must have had it re-gassed by now.

Cheers again folks

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i need to get these alloys refurbed... about £50 a wheel right?

unless your a cheapskate like .. in saying that i have just spent £45 on a set of .. now theres a thought for you steve.. eyebrows...mmmm


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