Jongs 2007 IS220d

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So here we go my very own build thread, I though I should keep you lovely people updated on the progress of my IS.

In my introduction to the forum I mentioned a few problems when I first purchased the car.

The mark Levinson amp had blown so a replacement was sourced from eBay for £110 and was a quick plug and play replacement. Definitely worth it for me atleast as there is only one thing I love as much as cars and that's music.

Next up the rear tyres were about to give up and so were the rear brake pads so replaced the tyres and the pads but found that the calipers were sticking on their sliders so have cleaned them up and are sliding fine. I was very surprised to find a set of brake shoes inside the discs which are solely for the handbrake. I will get around to replacing the rear discs and shoes when my bank balance recovers a little bit.

Then there was the matter of no service history, I bought a genuine service kit from eBay for £60 and went about doing what I could. Replaced the air filter and pollen filter both had dates on them for 2016 so it looks like it was loved recentlyish. Note the pollen filter lives behind a flap at the back of the glove box. I haven't been able to replace the oil, oil and fuel filters yet as I can't really get on the ground like I used to so my friend with a ramp is going to tackle those for me. As for the service history I downloaded the MY LEXUS app on my android phone and once registered I can view all the service history lexus holds for the car....very helpful.

And now for the strangest 'fault' my fuel gauge only reads half when it's full !

I downloaded the workshop manual for the car and found it has 2 fuel senders in the tank 1 for each side of the car but one is part of the fuel pickup pump assembly. After getting the locations and correct resistance readings I checked them both and found that the fuel pickup pump was open circuit and needed replacing. So I sourced one on eBay £30 and today got to work but what I found was odd to say the least. There is NO float, float arm or circuit to feed it on the pump ! The part numbers are exactly the same so I don't even know how or why this happened but its fixed now and reading a full tank.



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Hi John

Well done on sorting out those problems, think you did quite well with the price of the replacement amp.

The caliper pins are the achilles heal of the IS, but if they get an annual service they should be fine.

Is the pump under the rear seat? I'd assume so. Odd about the lack of a float - how does the sensor work then?


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It is indeed under the rear seat, there is 2 access panels one either side. There is another float on the o/s of the tank. That pump is on the n/s and should have a float attached to it. I can only assume that someone had been here before me and received the wrong part but fitted it anyway?

Although the part numbers are the same.

This is what It should look like....


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I think the 5th injector is keeping the dpf nice and clean as I think I have an issue with the wiring (fingers crossed). Just reviving an old ASUS eeepc xp netbook that was gathering dust that is going to become my techstream computer and hopefully that will identify what's going on, looking at the lexus service history it has had a replacement 5th injector so hopefully a simple wiring fix is all that's needed.

I needed a car after losing my job and the just couldn't resist the IS either, I love finding about and fixing cars I have never worked on. 

My operation is on Monday so trying to get as much done before then.....expect alot of posts come the end of next week.....and for the following 3 months atleast 😃 never thought I would ever want to be cut open so badly haha

My mpg is floating around 36 with the wife in the goes down to 26 when she is not.

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