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Warning Light Problems

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Ever since I removed one of my tail lights from it's holder and replaced it, my warning/handbrake light (the one with the exclaimation mark) on the dashboard is always lit. Let me explain...

Rear light warning came on the other day so checked the light clusters and the tail light one wasn't working. Having never had to replace one before, I took the wedge bulb out of it's housing to inspect it. Since then, the handbrake light has always been on.

I've since replaced the bulb which has put out the rear light warning indicator but what happens now is when I set off, after about 20 seconds, the handbrake/warning light comes back on.

In the manual, it says if the handbrake is off and I get this light, I am to immediately stop the car and contact my local Lexus dealer!

What I want to know is - what else would make the light stay on apart from the handbrake and if it's serious, what I should expect as I don't want to get fleeced by the dealer! :crybaby:

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Re-check the bulb you've fitted. Does the warning light come on when you put your foot on the brake? If so, bulb may be out again...

The (!) is also for low brake fluid warning, but it won't come on for a blown bulb.

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