LS460 Data system ASC680L installation

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I got this installed over the weekend.  Its a great bit of JDM goodness that lets you manually control the height of the suspension, ranging from SuperLow mode to slightly higher than the height high setting. 


Here it is installed and probably sitting mid range level in terms of height adjustabilty. It takes that jeep look off the car which i never liked. I'll stick up some more pictures of the different height options available for comparison and comment on the practicality of it for normal driving conditions




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What wheels/tire size are you running? I am having rubbing issues with stock 18s 235/55/18 instead of 50, because of the horrible road conditions where I live I need a bit more height... I have some issues when making sharp manouvers at slow speed, I think I hear some rubbing, its a whinny rubber noise.. I wonder if you experience anything similar from a lowered ride?


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 i have no issues with rubbing at factory height or the height pictured above. wheels are factory 19 inch 245/45/19 tyres all round



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