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Contemplating Changing The Is200......


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Just a thought i've been having for about the last week or so, as i fancy having a high powered car! I have been looking on the autotrader website, and have discovered that the spec isn't really that different for the same money as the IS is worth.

Any views, opinions, or warnings?

Stu :driving:

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I've owned both-and although the skyline is a fun(no trction)rear wheel drive(prob turbo?) if it's an r32 or r33 shape and in Gts-t format they are a good reliable motor,tho the factory ceramic turbos are relatively weak when you start uping boost levels etc.Also i had to replace water pumps on several ocassions and the coils(1 per each of 6 cyl)have a tendancy to have a limited lifespan.

That been said,you can have these cars crossed up at nearly 90 degrees and thay feel perfectly balanced-next best handling car to my Altezza I've owned.

I still rate the Altezza as the better car as an all rounder-you don't wanna know the petrol bill on a skyline-not to mention rear tyre wear!!

Of course-if you are considering a genuine GTR 2.6twin turbo 4wd,thats a WHOLE different ball game... They will always be a force on the jap scene,and potential for mods to reach 1000hp+ is not hard to acheive!!

Hope this helps in some way....


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Interesting, I've had my car a couple of years and was thinking of changing to a R34 Skyline GTT or a Silvia S15 Type R. Plenty of the first around, most are up for slightly more than they are worth but are a darn site cheaper than a GTR.

Scott, it's all very well recommending the supercharger but Altezzas with less then 15 000 miles are few and far between and an engine rebuild isn't high on my list of experiences I want to experience!

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I was looking for a skyline prior to buying my is200 - I found that on the insurance a r34gtt or gts on a newish plate was far more expensive to insure a r33 gtr (similar price aswell)

your better off looking on the skyline forums : -

I sometimes wish I had purchased one when u get people trying to race u etc.

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