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Ive had several LS models over the years and admittedly got used to them, I then bought may son a 350h which we are highly impressed with ,so much so I went out and bought myself a 65 plate GS450H, I expected a loss in refinement but liked the car and its time I slowed down a bit. but im concerned about the engine noise at high revs sounds like a hole in the exhaust when accelerating not something im used to hearing in the LS.  it went in for mot today and passed so no obvious exhaust problem. the loan car was a new rx450H which I presume is same engine but it does sound better at high revs.


Does the GS450h Suffer from engine noise at High revs, sounds like im thrashing it but im not really. 0-60+ from lights it sounds like a boy racers engine mod, but I like the 34MPG



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