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I bought my car from lexus coventry last year(Feb) with 28k on the clock. Since my car is running out of MOT and Warranty end of this month and having 38k on the clock decided to book my car in for service at Lexus woodford, they quoted £280 for 40k service, Looking at the service history today it has 4 stamps 10k, 20k,30k, 40k. It does not make sense :unsure: ,so i called Lexus Coventry to confirm the history, they could not tell if it had the 40k service considering they stamped it only last year when i bought the car from them. The first two services were done by Nick Whale in Solihull and the third by Lexus Norfolk, i was told they can not excess the information and told me instead to get a 50k service. i am now not sure which service i should get done, cause the 40k one is a major service.

Does it make sense a 50k service when the clock is showing 38k :angry:

Any suggestions Guys

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First Service 7086K

Second Service 17086K

Third Service 23762K

Fourth Service 28048K

Coventry cannot confirm whether they did the 40k Service

Have spoken to Lexus Norwich who took over Lexus Norfolk

and the cannot confirm whether the 30k service was


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I have spoken to the the dealers who serviced the car and everything looks fine the car should have had 4 services every 12 months or 10k which ever comes first. I am now waiting to hear from Lexus Coventry to confirm the 40k service was carried out, i will than have a 50k service done with 38k showing on the clock and save some money.

Coventry 50k service £183

Nick Whale {birm) £123

Lexus woodford £ 124

Booked in for next Tuesday at lexus woodford

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